205 Litre Mogas Drums

CYMA Petroleum is a company based in Barnet, Hertfordshire. It specialises in the distribution and delivery of aviation fuel throughout the UK and abroad. The company has been in business since 1985, supplying fuel and drums to small private airfields and tank farms. Many small airfields are only able to refuel from drums and CYMA has built up an excellent reputation for the quality and care they take with their mogas drums. Many light aircraft companies use automotive gasoline in their light aircraft and they refuel from gasoline filled drums, which are stored on the airfield. The drums come in a variety of sizes and CYMA can supply 205 Litre mogas drums for maximum convenience.

Supplying Aircraft Fuel in Mogas Drums

Safety is an important issue when drums are stored on an airfield and CYMA recommend that they are stored on their side. This ensures that water does not lie on the drum top and so eventually seep into the drum itself and contaminate the oil. CYMA Petroleum inspect their oil drums on a regular basis for water penetration, dirt and split seams and if a drum is not up to standard, it simply won’t be used. For further information on 205 litre mogas drums or fuel deliveries in general, visit the CYMA website at

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