Articulated Fuel Bowser

CYMA Petroleum have been delivering aviation fuels to small private airfields since 1985. In order to distribute the fuel they use either epoxy lined drums or articulated fuel bowsers. A fuel bowser is essentially a wheeled trailer fitted with a “tank” for carrying fuel. Importantly, they are able to totally eliminate the risk of contamination to the the environment by spillages. CYMA is the premier distributor of aviations fuels in the UK and is even a registered Defence Contractor (DCL) for MoD deliveries.

A Major Player

There's no doubt about it that CYMA is a major player in the distribution of light aviation fuels in the UK and abroad. It was the first company to offer fuelling equipment in the form of drums and articulated fuel bowsers across mainland UK. It has aided the expansion of the light aviation fuels network and yet it continues to search for new ways to adapt its business model in order to further improve the service it provides to its clients. CYMA strives to maintain excellent relationships with its clients and looks to build its client-base in the future. To learn more about articulated fuel bowsers from CYMA Petroleum visit

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