Articulated Fuel Bowser

Along with providing the finest of quality aviation fuel here at CYMA Petroleum, we also have a fleet of articulated fuel bowsers who can transport the fuel to the airliners for re-fuelling. For safety reasons, it's extremely important that the process of both transportation of the aviation fuel you require and the refuelling process is carried out safely. Our experienced team will be able to help you and we've been carrying out this service since 1985.

We realise that it can seem daunting knowing which aviation fuel company to choose for your requirements. However, here are three reasons why we're confident you won't be disappointed with coming to us -

  • Quality of Fuel - The fuel we provide meets and exceeds all of the industry required standards. We also have direct access to a laboratory where research is on going to create the finest fuel available.
  • Service - You can rely on us, not only to provide the highest quality fuel but also deliver a service you can rely on. When you need fuel for your aircrafts, we'll be there as and when you need us to be.
  • Price - We always ensure that you receive excellent value for money from us.

We hope from the information provided above and on our website you decide we're the best choice for you for aviation fuel. For more information you can call us on 020 8440 0505. We look forward to hearing from you.

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