F35 Aircraft Fuel

CYMA Petroleum is a specialist aviation fuels company that has been supplying fuels since 1985. It imports and distributes fuels not just within the UK but around the world, using drums and ISO tank containers to do this. Its fuel products are only ever sourced from reputable, approved suppliers and refineries. The company was the first of its kind to offer fuelling equipment and regular supplies of fuel throughout the mainland of the UK. The company is a registered Defence Contractor for Ministry of Defence deliveries.

A Valued Brand

CYMA Petroleum uses a fleet of articulated units to distribute and import fuel. Their facilities are conveniently located close to the M25, making delivery a swift process. Fuel products include AVGAS 100LL, JET A1 and F35 aircraft fuel. Constant monitoring of fuel quality is an ongoing process, whilst the company continually looks to identify and implement enhanced customer service at the right prices, without compromising on efficiency. Before CYMA Petroleum entered the market, around 50% of airfields were unable to offer aviation fuels, demonstrating the importance and value of the services that the company offers to the UK and beyond. Visit the website at to find out more.

CYMA Petroleum (UK) Limited

242-248 High Street
Barnet, Herts. EN5 5TD
United Kingdom
Telephone: ++ 44 (0)20 8440 0505
Telefax: ++ 44 (0)20 8440 0505